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InfoAgent can provide a range of products and reports to help any car dealer or OEM in New Zealand, whether they deal in cars, trucks, motorbikes or anything in between. We specialise in making legal compliance straightforward for our customers. 


Buying and selling vehicles can be fraught with issues if you don’t thoroughly check a vehicle’s history - a vehicle is reported stolen or broken into every 21 minutes in New Zealand. We offer a range of vehicle reports that contain key legal details about a vehicle:

  • Year, make, model, VIN, and other vehicle identification fields

  • Licence & WoF status

  • Written-off status

  • Stolen status

  • Current owner details

  • Odometer readings

  • Imported as a damaged vehicle

  • Unreliable odometer

  • Money owing (PPSR)

  • Fuel economy

  • Safety rating

We can also process large batch files of data across dealership fleets or floorplans. 

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