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InfoAgent can provide a range of products and reports to help any insurer in New Zealand, whether they specialise in cars, trucks, motorbikes or anything in between. All we need is a rego, and we can provide:

These pieces of information are essential at both ends of a policy. When quoting a new policy, you want to make sure there are no factors that would negatively impact a vehicle’s value like being previously written-off. This is also a warning sign for potential fraud in the future. 

This data is equally critical in the unfortunate event of a claim or total loss event where we can provide a detailed vehicle history report for your assessors. In particular, checking the PPSR to see if there is a secured party involved before paying out on a written-off vehicle.

  • Year, make, model, VIN, and other vehicle identification fields

  • Licence & WoF status

  • Written-off status

  • Stolen status

  • Current owner details

  • Odometer readings

  • Imported as a damaged vehicle

  • Unreliable odometer

  • Money owing (PPSR)

  • Fuel economy

  • Safety rating

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