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InfoAgent can supply a range of data products to help organisations build their own vehicle report. Using only a rego plate we can supply:

We take care of the upstream data suppliers, so you don’t need to integrate with multiple providers to compile a report. We don't just provide raw data, our smart APIs have done the analysis for you and provide easy to consume alerts and cautions for a vehicle. Using our API removes the risk of change from your business and reduces the number of third parties you rely on.

  • VIN

  • Chassis

  • Make

  • Model

  • Submodel

  • Year of Manufacture

  • Vehicle Type

  • Body Type

  • Primary Colour

  • Engine Number

  • CC rating

  • Transmission

  • Fuel type

  • Number of seats

  • Weight

  • Vehicle usage

  • Odometer readings

  • Country of origin

  • Registration/licence expiry

  • WoF/CoF expiry

  • Road user charges

  • Number of owners

  • Details of the current owner

  • Reported stolen

  • Imported as a damaged vehicle

  • Previously written-off

  • Unreliable odometer

  • Money owing (PPSR check)

  • Fuel economy

  • Safety rating

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